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Discussion: les questions pour le archos 5

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    les questions pour le archos 5

    I have some questions about the Archos 5.

    1. Can it be used as a camcorder without purchasing the helmet-cam add-on?
    2. The TV-add on, is it free and will I be able to watch TV anywhere?
    3. Can I plug in a video game system like the xbox into the audio in/video in ports of the archos and play it using the archos?
    4. Same question as 2) except with the 3G USB connector
    5. Can I play swf files stored on the archos?


    -Prospective customer

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    1. You need to use the DVR snap-on or the DVR Station to connect your camcorder to your Archos 5. The helmet Camcorder add-on include the DVR snap-on...
    2. The TV add-on is not free (about 100 euro I think) and you will be able to watch TV where TNT will be available
    3. You may plug a video game only for watch or register the video on your Archos
    4. Same answer but with 3G availability
    5. Yes

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