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Discussion: [ROM] Archos Titanium 10.1 update with root (rkandroidtools, par thantos)

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    [ROM] Archos Titanium 10.1 update with root (rkandroidtools, par thantos)

    Bonjour a tous,

    je ne fais que copier/coller un post pour présenter une rom développé à l'origine par priologiacomo et repacké par thantos
    Si besoin, j en ferais une rapide traduction en french.

    Here is my repack of the latest Archos 101 Titanium firmware in an RKAndroidtools compatible format.

    To use, download and extract the folder to wherever you like, navigate to the folder and run the RKAndriodTool.exe
    Next place your tablet into flashing mode by holding down the volume – and power button together, inserting the usb cable, and then releasing the volume- and power buttons, and then insert the power cable.
    If you haven't installed them in the past windows will start looking for drivers, These are included the package, just install as you would any other driver.
    If done correctly the tablet screen will remain off, but you will see the words "Found RKAndroid Loader Rock Usb" along the bottom of the RKAndriodTool
    Ensure that there is a tick in the parameter, misc, kernel, boot, recovery and system boxes.
    now click Erase "NAND (IDB)" button, once that has finished, then click the "Flash ROM" button
    Tablet will restart after the flash has completed, the first boot will take a couple of minutes but you will then be greeted with the archos setup program
    This will leave you tablet running the stock recovery with the Archos v 20130129.170819 rooted with superuser, and 6.29GB of total internal storage.
    You should note that this package may contain the wrong Parameters so it may not show the original values for the user space, but as it has an 8GB nand flash that also contains the system cache etc, I believe it is somewhere close.
    As always, this is done entirely at your own risk, I will not be responsible for any devices that get brick, catch fire, cause nuclear holocausts or open the gates of hell underneath your house.

    You can download it from
    Mirror, provided by Odji:!IdhxlZSa!LRuU9g...PGdlxLV-sMgwfM
    Cliquez sur l'image pour la voir en taille réelle 

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    Thanks should also go to priologiacomo who's original Titanium unbrick package started me on how to create this package.

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    Une petite traduction pour nos amis non-anglophones ?

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