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Discussion: Portage de Android 1.6

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    Portage de Android 1.6

    Je l'ai installée mais vu qu'il n'y a pas d'icone de retour dans la barre de statut, c'est difficile à utiliser.

    De plus, le projet semble arrêté.

    Si quelqu'un en FRANCE veut le reprendre...

    I have spent hours trying to isolate the apparent instabilities introduced when the Google Applications are installed.
    The behavior is predictable -- The first bootup will load successfully into the Setup Wizard. Subsequent bootups will result in the system and services crashing repeatedly (2-12 times). *The crashes are short lived, and once they are all done, the device appears stable*. These crashes can force the start up time to be noticeably longer.
    Logcat logs a bunch of services dying each time the UI crashes, and it appears each crash occurs due to a unique reason. I have not isolated many of the issues, as they are obscure in their logging.
    Knowing the crashing pattern, I attempted to use gapps from other sources. I also tried to use less packages/apks to make gapps function. With other sources, the stability was worse. With less files, gapps (namely Market) functionality was lost.

    Of note with the Google Apps mostly working, contacts synchronizing does not function. Youtube is broken, it doesn't scale, and it works intermittently... but I left it in. Maps doesn't scale properly, but once you have signed into Google and run Market to see what updates are available, Maps will have an available update to fix the issue (and provide more functionality).

    I really am not sure how stable the image is, I have not used it for more than a few hours without flashing it again. It remains a challenge to do things without the soft buttons (though I have found a way to get around with Smart Taskbar + Task Manager).

    Known bugs:
    * Bootup crashing (noted above).
    * SD Card works for reading, but when ejected, it causes the system to go into a similar crash loop as seen at bootup. After a dozen or so crashes, it stabilizes again.
    * If you activate USB Mounting in Android, you will have to reboot to disable it.
    * The music app crashes on load sometimes, but will work if retried.
    * Sound notifications do not work.

    .. and still no soft buttons.

    I have decided to provide two image downloads:
    Donut image with GAPPS -- subject to bootup and sd card crashing.
    Donut image without GAPPS -- no bootup/sd card crashing, more lean.

    I have been very hesitant to put out an image of the work, but I am really eager to receive feedback on it

    Changes since last update (not yet added to the wiki):
    * Edited default.prop to have adb persistence & allow root access
    * Added audio from aosp source (still not working with notifications)
    * Used setupwizard.apk from dell streak 1.6 firmware to fix rotation issue
    * Used wpa library/binary from original firmware to aid in stability
    * Added su/superuser. Cleaned up included apks (voicesearch, mms, etc). (Removing Phone.apk and Telephony.apk breaks gapps).

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    août 2010
    C'est quoi "GAPPS" d'ailleurs ?

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