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Discussion: Qu'incluent / excluent les mises a jour automatiques ?

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    août 2010

    Qu'incluent / excluent les mises a jour automatiques ?

    Je pose cette question apres m'etre apercu que de nombreuses personnes se plaignaient que Youtube ne marchait pas ou que telle ou telle application ne fonctionnait pas bien...

    Un tas de commentaires qui commencent sincerement a me faire douter de la qualite du produit (bien que j ai confiance que je vais adorer mon Archos...).

    Ma question est la suivante: les fameuses MAJ dont vous parlez ont elles simpement pour but de rectifier des problemes de freeze ou probleme de lancement, ou est ce qu'elles ajoutent aussi les plugins ou autres software qui rende par exemple la lecture de video Youtube ou Dailymotion, ou la possibilite de lire du Powerpoint.

    A voir les commentaires, il semblerait qu'il faille installer tout un tas de trucs pour pouvoir enfin jouir pleinement de son "engin". Je suis un peu perplexe la dessus car je ne compte pas passer des heures a devoir installer des applications pour avoir une utilisation normale (et escomptee...) de mon Archos.


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    juin 2010
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    Je possède : Archos 7 HT V2
    euh c est quoi une utilisation "normale" d'un baladeur multimédia ??? l'archos lit bien les films et la musique ;) en fait la majorité des tablettes ne lisent pas le flash, donc par défaut , pas directement les videos youtube par exemple. De même, si on a une appli permettant de lire du powerpoint, je ne vois pas en quoi c'est un usage "normal" d'une telle machine :) comme pour un pc, il faut installer des outils pour que tout le monde ai son usage "normal" de son outils :)

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    juin 2010
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    Je possède : Archos 7 HT V2
    les maj améliorent la stabilité et ajoutent des possibilités (comme la 3d par exemple). Pour le flash, cela ne dépend pas d'archos mais d'android.

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    Archosien légendaire Avatar de Benmars
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    novembre 2007
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    Je possède : 504, 605, 10, 7ob eReader, key, 1.4 Vision, 1.8 Vision, Arnova 10dG3, Acer W510
    Archos 5 Internet Tablet

    Firmware changes

    Version 2.0.28 (3D accelerated) / 1.9.21 (non 3D accelerated) - July 15th, 2010

    • Display: fix black screen issues experienced at display wakeup
    • Audio: enable higher volume on loudspeaker
    • Video: fix Turkish subtitles support

    Version 2.0.21 (3D accelerated) / 1.9.14 (non 3D accelerated) - June 29th, 2010

    • Keyguard: fix pattern lock interference with 3D causing unresponsive multimedia center after screen goes off (2.0.21 only)
    • Device positioning: implement a fake compass and orientation sensor in order to fix games using yaw, pitch, roll
    • Mediascanner: fix android gallery crashing after USB mass storage file transfers

    Version 2.0.15 - June 3rd, 2010

    • Display: add accelerated 3D openGL support
    • Fullscreen: add statusbar notification when an application is requesting fullscreen with ability to enable fullscreen for this application. Fullscreen enabling/disabling can be performed through power menu (on long power button press).
    • Archos media center: faster display
    • Thinkfree: v2.0 with full edit features
    • Thinkfree: can now be un-installed by user. Note that sometimes during this process an invalid shortcut might remain on the home screen. If this happens this shortcut can be removed by a long press and drag towards tray trash icon.
    • Display: add transparency to notification tray background

    Version 1.9.10 - June 3rd, 2010

    • Video: fix some MJPG files not playing correctly
    • Audio: add support for .M4B files
    • Audio: improve speaker sound quality
    • Tethering: fix user password support and do not filter devices pretending not to be phones (e.g. Windows Mobile)
    • Internationalization: add Hebrew glyphs in font and corresponding virtual keyboard layout
    • Location: fix location manager sometimes preventing device suspend
    • System: better management of background applications under high memory pressure

    Version 1.7.99 - April 21st, 2010

    • Wi-Fi: fix disconnection occurring on some devices after a few minutes of web browsing.
    • Wi-Fi: correct speed is now reported in Settings
    • USB: fix crash sometimes happening when connecting USB in MTP mode
    • USB: fix Archos Multimedia Center not working during USBNET connection
    • Video: disable resume and bookmark features when video file is not in the "Video" directory
    • Tethering: re-enable user/password functionality
    • FM radio: Add button to force speaker output

    Version 1.7.96 - April 2nd, 2010

    • Networking: fix wrong Wi-Fi MAC address after full reformat (all devices given 08:00:28:12:34:56)
    • Charging: fix device sometimes not charging enough on USB connection
    • Sound: fix sound level not properly saved at shutdown on some devices

    Version 1.7.95 - March 23th, 2010

    • Multimedia center: fix multimedia center sometimes not starting
    • Suspend: implement a deep sleep mode triggered by long press on power button that suppresses device wake up by alarms. Normal suspend behavior is preserved and triggered by a short press on power button.
    • System monitor: add kill all applications entry on top of the running application list for easier access
    • Mutlimedia: increase Archos Multimedia Library update speed for large hard drives when using MSC USB mode
    • Multimedia: fix some mp3 files playing with wrong sampling rate
    • Multimedia: fix some subtitles preventing correct video playback
    • Multimedia: fix compressed MKV subs sometimes not displayed
    • Cell phone tethering: disable TCP/IP header compression since it conflicts with some carriers
    • Networking: fix some DHCP issues occurring with some buggy access points on certain firmware revisions (e.g. WRT54G v5 FW 1.01.0)
    • Networking: fix some Wi-Fi disconnect occurring when exiting from suspend
    • Networking: fix Wi-Fi turning directly off when wpa_supplicant.conf file is empty
    • Appslib: version 1.1.6b2 of appslib is installed at firmware upgrade
    • Accessories: add HDMI minidock support

    Version 1.7.77 - February 19th, 2010

    • Cell phone tethering: now propose both DUN and PAN bluetooth profiles if phone supports it and select DUN as default one
    • Cell phone tethering: properly clear former settings to avoid migration issues with new tethering infrastructure
    • System: fix device not entering in suspend mode after being mounted on PC with USB
    • Video: fix MPEG4 streams in MP4 files sometimes had wrong aspect ratio
    • Music: fix .MP4 genre was sometimes not recognized correctly
    • Playlist: add support for "PLS+XML" mime type in Archos Media Center
    • Android: prevent going fullscreen when an application change its window attributes
    • Developers: fix ADB/DDMS screenshot feature in landscape

    Version 1.7.71 - February 11th, 2010

    • Cell phone tethering: add DUN and PAND bluetooth support for connection and automatic detection
    • Cell phone tethering: add one click enable/disable shortcut in "Power control" widget
    • System Monitor: a new application to kill background processes, list system alarms responsible of waking up the product and "wakelocks" preventing device to sleep.
    • GPS diagnostic: a new application to monitor satellite reception levels
    • Storage: add FAT32 support for internal storage, with capability to reformat device in FAT32 (settings>about device->repair and formatting tools options). Note that if you choose to reformat your device in FAT32, file size will be limited to 4GB which is incompatible with most of the full length HD movie file size. Use of FAT32 filesystem format is not recommended for hard disk based products.
    • Archos Media Center widget: faster launch of media center applications
    • Video: allow volume autogain for files played from a network shares
    • Video: fix some MP4, WMV9 HD and MPEG1 files not playing
    • Calculator: add clear button in menu
    • File browser: file overwrite does not freeze UI anymore
    • Keyboard: fix a wrong letter in Android russian keyboard
    • System: fixes device power off when time is changed in the past
    • System: better handling of media center application restart

    Version 1.7.33 - January 20th, 2010

    Since this firmware is based on a new version of Android, after the update, you will be prompted to reset your device configuration. It is highly recommended to do so. The extra applications that you may have installed will need to be re-installed, but your multimedia files will not be affected.

    • Android 1.6 "Donut": quick search box, power control widget, battery usage indicator screen, WVGA screen native support, VPN
    • ThinkFree Mobile 1.2: double-tap zoom in PDF, miscellaneous bug fixes and speed improvements
    • Video: add automatic gain control option for sound in Video Player
    • Video: fix support for MJPG files
    • Video: improve youtube playback support
    • Music: add support for .mp2 files
    • Music: allow to play shoutcast .PLS files from the web browser
    • TV: improve image centering in Video Player when using DVR Snap-on
    • Android: fix touch screen offset experienced in some applications due to presence of Archos status bar
    • Keyboard: add up and down arrow keys in Android keyboard (press "?123" to get it)
    • Keyboard: add "OK" key in Android keyboard (long press on "Return" key to get it)
    • GUI: improved Archos Widget layout on TV
    • Storage: correct random hard disk disconnection while playing music or video
    • Network: fix UPnP and network sharing not working on Wi-Fi access point not complying with Wi-Fi power saving standard specification
    • Network: add an option to disable power saving at the expense of battery life for a specific access point at first association to cope with some buggy Wi-Fi access points
    • Network: fix archos multimedia application sometimes failed to access the network
    • Alarm Clock: fix alarm could not be set when android multimedia library was off
    • System: use Android default notification sound when android multimedia library is off
    • System: add accelerometer calibration in Startup Wizard

    Version 1.4.25 - December 24th, 2009

    • Storage: correct random hard disk disconnection while playing music or video
    • Video improve H264 HD playback, fixes some streams that did not play at all
    • Video: allow to play some H264 SD tracks that were previously unsupported
    • Video: fix H264 streams with "weighted p" feature
    • Music: fix some Vorbis tags not read properly
    • Music: fix some ID3 tags not read correctly
    • Web Radio / Web TV: fix Archos media center sometimes crashing after finishing a podcast download
    • GPS: improved heading and velocity reports

    Version 1.4.16 - December 14th, 2009

    • Wi-Fi: improve scan performance and connection manager
    • Video: now display subtitles for HD videos
    • Video: fix MKV subtitles that were sometimes truncated
    • Video: improve youtube video playback
    • Video: correct playback of certain M4V/MP4/MOV files
    • Video: solve some videos not correctly displayed
    • Streaming: Archos Media Player couldn't open http links containing special characters (space, coma, etc.)
    • USB: fix transfer interruptions in USBnet mode
    • USB: accessory did not work when USB cable was connected in ADB mode

    Version 1.4.09 - November 27th, 2009

    • Fix Archos Media Center applications sometimes quit unexpectedly in portrait mode

    Version 1.4.08 - November 26th, 2009

    • Video: improve H264-HD playback
    • Video: improve audio-video synchronisation for certain MKV files
    • Video: added support for TS files from Freebox
    • Video: fix seeking for MOV/MP4/M4V files generated by Handbrake
    • Video: improve MKV subtitle support
    • Video: allow switching between TXT and DVD subs in MKV files
    • Video: allow to chose between internal and external subtitles for the same video file
    • Video: add support for VORBIS in MKV
    • Video: don't skip audio due to non-supported audio track in case there is another one supported in the file
    • Web Radio: fix favorites being shared between several users
    • TV out: fix freeze occurring sometimes when removing the device from DVR Station while Video Recorder is running
    • TV out: display is now switched back to LCD in case of a crash of Android
    • TV Snap-on: after exiting the TV application it was impossible to use Archos multmedia applications
    • Home Screen: some third party widgets took more cells than expected (Widgets must be removed and added again)
    • Home Screen: Search, Music and Picture Frame widget frames were not well displayed on analog TV
    • Contacts: fix application crash on long click on contact or on emails addresses
    • Contacts: In case no third-party application is associated with the "address" field, open google maps using the web browser
    • Accelerometer: Some third-party applications were not working properly (Accelerometer must be calibrated again, see Device Settings > Sound & display)
    • System: better accessory detection
    • System: improve display speed in Archos Multimedia applications
    • System: fix multimedia center unavailable when setting Archos Multimedia Library manual update
    • System: fix some issues occurring after opening a Multimedia application while the Archos multimedia update was on-going in background
    • System: now display a warning message when USB and TV Snap-on are connected at same time
    • System: don't keep device awake forever when a firmware update is detected while user is away.
    • System: ADB USB identifier was incorrect
    • System: device was consuming too much power from USB in ADB and USBnet modes

    Version 1.3.07 - November 17th, 2009

    • Multimedia Libraries: allow to disable Archos and/or Android libraries automatic updates after USB disconnection (Settings > Device Storage > Multimedia libraries)
    • Multimedia Libraries: allow to limit Android library indexing to Music/Video/Photos instead of the whole storage
    • New ThinkFree Mobile 1.1: word finder, charts rendering, zip extraction, larger document handling, etc.
    • Mail: allow to send various file types (pdf, ppt, doc, xls, zip, apk, etc.) from ThinkFree Mobile
    • Video: thumbnails were not created for HD videos
    • Video: improve MP4 files support
    • Video: improve codec support for MKV files
    • Video: improve VOB subtitles support and display
    • Video: sometimes HD videos could not be read, had to reboot to fix the issue
    • Video: some videos were playing back with a wrong resolution
    • Video/Music: some MP3 and MPG streams did not play
    • Video/Music: improve error reporting for unsupported audio/video formats
    • Music: do not stop FM Transmission when going back to the Music Browser to change track
    • Photo: zooming of images with a 180 degrees rotation was not correct
    • Thumbnails: fix some cases of corruption of thumbnails image
    • Web Browser: fix YouTube fullscreen playback
    • Web Browser: allow to zoom-in/out with Page-down/up on the Remote Control
    • Media Club: back button now takes server redirections into account
    • Network Browser: The current folder name was lost when returning to Network Browser at player exit
    • Network Browser: Added an animated hourglass while searching for the first UPNP server
    • GUI: add localized keyboards for Russian, Bulgarian and Greek in Android
    • GUI: improve Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish translations
    • TV: touchpad mode didn't allow to reach the whole screen area in 720p mode
    • TV: HDMI audio output was proposed when video output was analog
    • System: lower power consumption in suspend mode
    • System: display was frozen when inserting an SDcard after Arclibrary update
    • System: prevent Bluetooth (ACRVP) and IR Remote Control key press to wake-up the screen
    • System: prevent USB mode to be changed during USB connection
    • System: add localized firmware update messages

    Version 1.2.15 - November 2nd, 2009

    • Audio: correct left and right channel inversion happening sometimes
    • Video: allows to seek in FLV files without index
    • Suspend: fix suspend side effects occurring on some devices

    Version 1.2.11 - October 28th, 2009

    • WiFi: fix driver crash occurring on some devices
    • GPS: quicker time to fix and improved position accuracy
    • Suspend: some devices were not able to stay in suspend for long period (restarted in cold boot instead)
    • Indexing: a new setting allow to disable the indexing of Android's own library (Device storage > Multimedia libraries)
    • Video: H264 SD High Profile did not play
    • Video: allow smoother H264 HD playback in some cases
    • Video: seeking in MKV file sometimes caused audio or video freeze
    • Photo: right border pixel column of the thumbnails was corrupted
    • Photo: slideshow was not paused when trying to go to suspend
    • TV: output AC3 5.1 when "SPDIF" settings is selected, else output AC3 stereo only
    • TV: fixed some of the HD and PAL/NTSC video picture formats
    • USB Host: add a notification in the Android statusbar when a PTP or MTP device is connected to enable safe removal
    • Network: Media Center network browsing was not working with some network configuration
    • System: device was sometimes going to suspend while playing back music
    • System: Archos Media Center sometimes was not using the right system settings (language, time zone, clock format)
    • Internationalization: support display of all type of foreign unicode filenames in Archos Media Center
    • Internationalization: now supports Japanese ID3 tags
    • Internationalization: additional Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian translations,
    • Accessories: add HDMI dock support

    Version 1.2.03 - October 21st, 2009

    • Android applications: all Archos default Android applications are installed during firmware update process after reboot if not present on the disk
    • Web browser: fix some random crashes
    • Youtube: solve some video playback issues
    • TV output: setup wizard shows a picture of the connectors and cable
    • TV output: fix AC3 sound being stereo only on SPDIF/HDMI
    • TV output: provide higher HDMI output volume
    • Android sound recorder: recording is now performed at 44.1kHz

    Version 1.1.01 - October 12th, 2009

    • Bluetooth: provide better auto-reconnect support for A2DP headsets
    • Multimedia: faster MKV parser implementation and smoother H264 playback
    • Cell phone tethering for data access: tethering is supported under Archos Media Center and Android is now made aware of tether network connectivity
    • Sound recorder: add capability to record in PCM under android
    • TV output support: desktop icons are now resized to avoid overlapping on PAL/NTSC output
    • USB connection: a ftp and samba server are running on the device when mounting usbnet connection, device behaves now like a network file server
    • Android debug bridge: ADB is now enabled with user shell privilege
    • Recording: sound saturation issue has been fixed
    • Archos media center launcher widget: provide a faster shortcuts display
    • Hardware support: improved GPS and Wi-Fi driver

    Version 1.0.22 - September 21st, 2009

    • Storage: microsd formatting and ejection is now supported under Android
    • Keyboard support: when a physical keyboard is connected, virtual keyboard is deactivated to allow larger edition space
    • Suspend: contact with touchscreen surface is no longer preventing suspend
    • Archos media center launcher widget: reactivity has been enhanced

    Version 1.0.20 - September 15th, 2009

    • Browser: video playback is supported on Youtube mobile website
    • Email: attachments can be saved and opened
    • Cell phone tethering using bluetooth: more cell phones are supported
    • Bluetooth: keyboard support has been added

    Version 1.0.14 - September 4th, 2009

    • Initial firmware release
    80 % des affirmations qui contiennent des statistiques sont fausses ...

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    Archosien amateur
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    août 2010
    Merci beaucoup pour ces details que je trouverai vraisemblablement sur kle site d'Archos...seulement voila, tout cela me ramene a une nouvelle interrogation...

    Il y a tout un tas de MAJ. N'est ce pas dangereux de toutes les installer ? Des reception de mon Archos (demain), dois je toutes les installer en partant de la veille a la plus recente, ou quelques unes ne doivent pas etre 'croisees' ?????

    La liste me fait un peu peur bien qu'elle a ait pour objectif d'ameliorer les performances de l'Archos. Avez vous eu des problemes pour les installer ? Me conseilleriez vos de tout installer avant de commencer a l'utiliser ?

    Je tiens a preciser que mes recentes inquietudes sont du au nombre de posts que j ai lu sur d'autres sites ou des fanatiques d'Apple ou autres marques semblent critiquer la qualite et le bon fonctionnements des Archos. Au final, j ai peur de me retrouver avec un appareil electronique qui va souvent tomber en panne ou necessiter des mises a jour. Je verrai bien demain. J'espere que quelques uns d'entre vous peuvent me rassurer a ce sujet.

    Si mon Archos venait a se 'freezer" ou "crasher" un peu trop souvent je serais tout de meme bien degoute. J'espere que ce n'est plus le cas depuis la mise en place des MAJ.

    merci d'avance

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    novembre 2007
    9 529
    Je possède : 504, 605, 10, 7ob eReader, key, 1.4 Vision, 1.8 Vision, Arnova 10dG3, Acer W510
    Tune verras sur le site d'Archos que la dernière. Ca devrait répondre à ta question.
    Elles sont cumulatives.
    80 % des affirmations qui contiennent des statistiques sont fausses ...

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    Entrées dans le blog
    Je possède : Presque tous les Archos... (et Arnova - Vision)
    tu peux rester en version d'origine
    mais tu vas louper pas ma de chose
    The Old Man Of Archos
    Toutes les générations sont chez moi !

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