Someone dropped his 605 !

vendredi 21/09/2007 par

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Do you remember our test of the Archos 605 ?. We were very sceptical about the solidity of the buttons. A few months after the official launch of the 605, no break of one or several buttons have been reported. Archos takes care about the solidity of their products.

Nevertheless, and this was forseeable, the 605 doesn’t particulary like being dropped from more than 60 cm.

Here’s the proof, a person dropped his Archos 605. As you can see, the "OK" button of the player broke.

The person sells his 605 on Ebay with a starting auction price of 150 euros (we are not here to do publicity). In this case, the Archos warranty doesn’t work.

We advise you to invest in a cover, which will be able to avoid this kind of nuisance. Archos and Norêve sell some and other manufacturers will also propose their models soon.

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