Review : Norêve leather case for Archos 43 IT

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It’ s been a long time that we were waiting for these leither cases but it was worth it.

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Detailes review of the Norêve (chestnut brown) leither case for the Archos 43it

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As usual with Norêve the case is delivered in a nice box. The Brandt’s name is also remebered on the internal leither.

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The case uses a magnetic closing system.

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Inside you can find two slits for credit cards..

JPEG - 265.6 ko

...and two slits for micro-sd....

JPEG - 181.3 ko

...and one for the stylus.

The finish grade is great.

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The visible seams are brown (exterrior) and black (inside).

JPEG - 176.7 ko

The seams are clean and carefully done.

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The metal grills for the speakers are very nice

JPEG - 193.3 ko

That’ s the detail wich makes the difference.

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The Archos perfectly slipped inside the case. The tablet is correctly retained, there is no extra place inside.

JPEG - 174.4 ko

The jack and usb plugs are accessible...

JPEG - 172.1 ko

...as the mini-hdmi and the micro-sd plugs.

JPEG - 191.8 ko

The on/off and volume buttons are obviously accessible.

JPEG - 269.9 ko

There’s a kickstand on to the back side.

JPEG - 158.5 ko

You can adjust the inclination angle.

JPEG - 233.4 ko

Norêve cut the leither for the camera. The screen is protected by a paperboard face which won’t necessary resist to big crashes. But the leither plus the paperboard will be sufficient for little crashes. The reinforced case’s corners will protect the device’s corners.

Inside the case the Archos is less thin and it will be hard to put it in a pocket. But in a bag it’ s okay.

Norêve continues to impress us its leither and its products. We have to say that this chestnut version is very nice looking. The case is quite good to protect your device moreover the different plugs and buttons are very accessible with a great finish grade.

The model that we’ ve tested costs 77.10 usd and 47.78 pounds but the black version costs 70.09 usd and 43.44 pounds. It’ s quite expansive but I think it offers a very good balance between quality and price.

- Norêve’s Website.

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Review : Norêve leather case for Archos 43 IT

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  • Geo D - le 26 mars 2011 à 19h15min

    Its a nice case buy Noreve came up short. They should have left out the kickstand and replace it with a beltclip. I asked them about this and they said the 43IT was too HEAVY for a beltclip ! Are you serious Noreve !? I think they should start weighing some of these smartphones on the market. Needless to say, I most certainly am not going to pay $70 (plus S&H) for case I have to carry around. Beautiful craftsmanship but they left out one very important feature that is in high demand from 43IT owners. Better luck with the revision model.