First Gen9 tablet leaked : Archos 35IT !

dimanche 27/03/2011 par

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In the big ’Internet Tablet’ family, we knew the 2.8 IT, 3.2 IT, 4.3 IT, 7.0 IT and 10.1 IT...
And the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) uncloaks one more time a surprise : a 35 IT Archos.

For the design, the scheme looks like different from the 3.2 IT. But it is not too precise to make us some ideas of the final result.
For the characteristic, only the 3.5" screen and the Wifi IEEE802.11 b/g/n are revealed, the other informations being published only in june. Probably the date of the next 9th gen.

Thanks to Rubik2k !

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First Gen9 tablet leaked : Archos 35IT !

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4 commentaires

  • Charbax - le 27 mars 2011 à 18h38min

    How do you know this is not just a new Gen8 tablet.

  • Thocan - le 29 mars 2011 à 23h22min

    End of NDA is... june. When the Gen9 tablets will be announced by Archos.

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