Case Tuff-Luv ’Tri-Axis’ : test

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Tuff-Luv is always inclined to supply their case and our french lab can testify it.
This time, it is the turn to the 70 and 101 IT to have two new cases that we are going to review.

Tuff-Luv proposes several cases versions :

The first one, classic with black faux leather.

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The second one also has a simple design but is made with brown leather.

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At last, the third and fourth ones, named ’Tri-Axis’, are respectively made with black faux leather and genuine leather

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This is the last ’Tri-Axis’, apparently patented, system that we are going to test.

If the idea seems good - namely the design allowing to put his tablet on the 4 sides with different axial tilt - the result is unattractive...
The habitual cases are indeed based on a classis model endowed with a sleek front and a less structured backpanel because of the large flap. But here, the two faces have a complicated aspect : if the backpanel have the eternal flap, the front have a more complicated and hard to explain design.
So many scratches generate some problems.

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On the photo, the much-touted multi-scratches strip : to each scratch its tilting :

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The large stand is scratched on the front flap of the case, with the chosen tilting.

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The portrait view
JPEG - 576.9 ko
The landscape view

For the landscape view, the system is the same but another characteristic of the front flap has been added : bends - also unattractive - acting as base.

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In fact, the system constitutes a wrong good idea. The patent impacts strongly on the outside design and the scratches are not intuitive restrincting to scratch and bend the case.
Some products thought for Apple are more aesthetic and ergonomic.

JPEG - 591.2 ko
I did say that the design was intermixed
JPEG - 650.5 ko
The backpanel is safe !

What for the rest ?

For the other characteristics, we recognize the good quality/price ratio of Tuff-Luv. The quality of the leather (faux or not) is correct and resistant, the flaps are stiff and strengthened and the black seams are clean.

The Tuff-Luv logo cover the inside flap that has two pockets for SD cards :

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When the case is opened, the left side let appear largely the plugs and the HDMI, USB ports :

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When the case is closed, the plugs are also accessible but the tablet is more protected :

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For the right side, it is totally opened and only two little tongues hold the tablet :

The one from the front flap to scratch on the back flap.
A mini-tongue (whose presence is surprising) must be scratched on the opening of the speaker.

JPEG - 570.7 ko
JPEG - 634.6 ko

The contours are correctly ajusted to the screen and the speakers.

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We can regret that only the principal openings (screen and plugs) are strengthened by seams while the speakers and the outside opening are only cut up in the (faux or not) leather.


With ’Tri-Axis’, Tuff-Luv is out : unattractive design, boring use of the scratches... we can’t recommend these versions (60 £ for the leather version !) without encouraging to test them before.
But the classic cases should keep their interest since the quality is all the same good.
Unfortunately, having only ’tri-axis’ cases, we can’t say anything else.

Nevertheless, their prices being between 27 and 60 £ (from the faux cuir version to the ’tri-axis’ leather version), whoever is able to find what he is looking for.
The cases are on the Tuff-Luv website.

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Case Tuff-Luv ’Tri-Axis’ : test

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